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1. What is a Memoria Marketplace?

Memoria Marketplace™ a place where clients can browse and book services and products offered by empathetic businesses worldwide.  Our local business listing makes it simple to put together a memorial.

  • Search by business type or by name, if you’ve got a place in mind.
  • Filter local businesses by location, featured status, or other criteria, to find the perfect partner for your funeral.
  • Photos and ratings allow you to get a sense of a business and their services, before you even visit their page.

2. What is a Memoria Page?

Users can go beyond a digital obituary and create Memoria Pages, a personalized memorial event page  as unique as the person’s life. Memoria Pages allow users to showcase their loved one in photos, videos, quotes, a timeline, and anything else that helps tell their life story. These pages can also be used to list information about the memorial service, such as place, time, date and vendors used to create the memorial. This information can then be shared with friends and family in real-time.

Here is a helpful list of everything you can do with your Memoria Page™.

  • Honor your loved one’s unique life story and character with pictures, quotes, and a digital obituary.
  • Showcase your customized memorial, including date, time, and location—then share with friends and family to easily invite them.
  • Browse, book, and manage a wide variety of local vendors, from funeral homes to printing services, who are all focused on making the memorial services stress-free and memorable.

Remember your loved one and plan for their funeral with a Memoria Page.


3. What is a Memoria Sky Dashboard?

This is where you’ll find all the important information regarding your account and your loved one’s Memoria Page.

  • Create and update your Memoria Page, from name and venue to businesses involved.
  • Change your profile and manage your account.
  • Keep in touch with businesses and your support system through messages.

4. What is a Memoria Sky Checklist?

Planning a funeral is a big job, but it’s much less stressful with our checklist tool.

  • Consult our list of tasks, drawn from preparations users most often make when putting together a memorial. Our helper tool will keep you on schedule, let you know how far you are in the process, and give you shortcuts on finding local businesses.

5. What are Memoria Sky Messages?

Keep track of your conversations with different businesses.

  • You can exchange messages with local businesses, or other Memoria Sky users. Whether discussing an estimate, managing your memorial, or coordinating planning logistics, your messages are the easiest way to keep in communication.